Wednesday, July 21, 2010

First week down, a lifetime to go

How did everyone's first week go? Mine has been hit and miss. This picture was taken on July 12. I was shocked at the number of steps I had that day! That has pretty much been the high point so far for me and most days I am hovering between 4,000-6,000 steps. Not too bad but not where I want to be.

I've talked to a few of you and you are really taking this challenge to heart. You should, its a good thing! If you haven't started yet (Tonya) just do it. You won't be sad.

I've realized two things since I've started wearing my pedometer - 1. Walking 10k steps in one day is totally doable and 2. slight changes to my day have a big impact. I've been taking walks around my neighborhood in the mornings and that helps get my day of to a good start. If I can log 3,000 steps before breakfast, I know its going to be a good day! It also takes the pressure of the rest of my day, especially if I am working.

Are you doing the contest with me? If so, please leave some comments and let me know how the first week has been treating you! Bruce and James have already surpassed the 10k step mark and I am so proud of them! They've already earned their membership into the 10k club, don't you want to join up too?

To our faithful readers, don't give up! Making big changes like this is hard to do but if we all work together, we will succeed!


  1. way to go! :o) i wanted to start tracking my steps today but i've had my bodybugg packed away for so long and it was i am starting tomorrow! but i did walk alot more at the gym today...i walked for 1 hour instead of 25-30 minutes. and this week my goal is to do 1 hour of cardio each day. so i am curious to see how many steps that is. thanks for the challenge and getting me more motivated! :o)

  2. Ben has been getting up with me and we walk 45 minutes in the morning so I have been averaging between 8 and 10K a day. It does add up fast but at the same time that 10K seems like it should come sooner when you have already walked for 45 minutes! We are both loving it though :)

  3. You rock Brenda! I've started a "Brady family Biggest Loser" challenge... gotta try and get everyone more healthy. :)
    Keep it up woman - when can we get together? Wanna feed ducks at the farm?