Thursday, July 8, 2010

How many steps did I walk? Really?!?!

I got my pedometer late Tuesday night and I'm surprised at my first day total. Really, I really walked 4,721 steps my first day?! OK, I think this 10k step goal might be too easy! True, I did make more of an effort yesterday to move around, but isn't that truly the goal for this? 

If you haven't already bought a pedometer, this is really a great one. Not only does it count your steps, but it keeps track of your aerobic activity if you're doing consistent walking for 20 minutes or longer, counts the average calories you burned that day and how far you walked. It also allows you to adjust the length of your stride if you have short, fat legs like me versus someone with long skinny legs who has a longer stride. Plus it resets automatically at midnight and stores your last seven days of steps. Here is the link again to for the Omron HJ-112 Digital pedometer from It's a beauty!

Keep up the good work people. Here are the people that have expressed interest in doing the program (basically the most awesome of awesome people):

James Fisher (hit 10,000 steps yesterday!)
Camille Ballou
Ami Frandsen
Patricia Arp
Bruce Greenhalgh (had over 12,000 steps the other day!)
Marci Hansen
Tonya and Brenda

We would love to add your name to this list so please leave a post, Facebook me, call, text or e-mail me and let us know you want to do it. Besides the prizes (and they are pretty great), its gives you the opportunity to try doing something that is good for you. My goal today is to get the aerobic counter to register the steps and move up to the 5,000 level for steps.

Keep up the good work!


  1. Congratulations! That is awesome!! Keep it up.

  2. I feel lucky that I have a job that keeps me so active or I could only imagine how much more difficult this challenge would be for me.

    Thanks for the challenge Brenda and keep up the good work!!!

  3. k i bought one of those dang things a long time ago and every time i would sit down or cross my legs or move in any way that was not a step it would count! i finally threw it in the garbage and decide to just go without it. are they all like this or did i just have a bad counter?

    btw i luv what you all are doing. props for you. it's not easy getting motivated but once you do being active and eating well becomes an addiction and you don't know how you ever lived with out it. i had my kick in the rear end when i was 15 and i feel like a cigarette addict now. if i don't have my run in the morning you do not want to mess with me! he, he.

  4. oh and the last comment was from sandy schurz but i am to internet-idiotic to figure out how to put that in there as a profile ;)