Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting Fresh

Hi friends and family. This blog has been pretty sad lately and I can tell you why, I have had nothing inspiring to say. I haven't been eating good, or going to the gym, or weighing myself. I only wanted to write about the good things I have been doing, but I realized in order to be successful I need to write about everything I am doing, or not doing in my weight loss battle.

This past weekend I had the best present ever. My wonderful Mom, sister, brother in law and niece came down to visit us in New Mexico. I loved every second I had to spend with them and I cried for 15 minutes when they left. While they were there my bro in law James pulled me aside and was talking to me about this blog and our weight loss in general. He has lost almost 50 lbs since Brenda and I pledged to to lose weight (GO JAMES) and he really want Brenda and I to succeed too. So we all talked about what we could do differently to take some weight off.

One thing that I know will help me is to set some meals for breakfast and lunch. I never have a hard time deciding what too cook for dinner and it is usually pretty healthy. So this week for breakfast Alex and I are going to eat 2 kiwis and 2 slices of sara lee 45 calorie toast with peanut butter. That is only 296 calories and 11 grams of fiber! pretty good and I love that breakfast. I think the key will be to limit each meal to one week. I can eat the same thing for one week and not get sick of it . . . I think. Wish me luck!

We are going to see each other again in November when we visit California and we all want to be skinnier. Please help us by leaving comments and telling your friends about this blog. If we know people are reading this it will make us want to work even harder!



  1. You girls are amazing and you CAN DO IT!!! Maybe it would help too to set a specific day as your blogging day - once a week or twice a week or whatever you need. Then when that day rolls around you know it just needs to get done and won't get procrastinated. I'll be checking in with ya'll for sure :)
    Good luck - you're awesome!

  2. Woooh go Tonya and her girls can do it!!!!! =))