Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being sick

Being sick sucks but it sucks even more when it derails your workout plan. I've been doing well with Tom and eating better. Last week I had a great work out with Tom on Tuesday and felt good. Wednesday morning I got up and was sore, but in a manageable way. But as the day dragged on, it got worse and that's when I knew I had gotten Bridget's cold.

The next few days passed in a blur of the chills, fevers, horrible coughing, runny nose, itchy eyes, ect... And the trees dropping all that pollen isn't helping either. With my asthma and allergies, every cold is worse. It takes me a minimum of a week to get over it. I hate it. PA says that since she's lost her weight she gets over colds faster. I hope the same goes for me.

Now it's Tuesday, May 10. I was supposed to work out with Tom today and weigh in. It was my first milestone week, three weeks since I started with him. I woke up feeling pretty good but still coughing and wheezing. I'm hoping that by staying off the dairy products (it clogs up my lungs) and being diligent in my eating and sleeping patterns, I hope that by Thursday or Friday and I can kick this.

I miss working out (Lord, I never that that would come out of my mouth). Although it's only been a few weeks, I miss that feeling after I've walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes or survived a workout with Tom. Is this what I've been missing all these years? I miss it and I'm going to get back to it this week.

I will keep you posted on how I'm feeling. My goal is to get back to the gym by Thursday and meeting with Tom on Friday. Keep me in your prayers!

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  1. i know how you feel, well, kind of. i'm not sick, but my 18 month old is sick (fever, chills, restless, crying...the works). we're on day 5, and i've had almost zero sleep. the gym is being neglected. did i mention i started a fitness challenge the 3 days before he got sick. i blasted it on twitter, facebook, and pinterest. my 24 day challenge lasted 3 days. sickness sucks!

    anyway, i love your blog!