Monday, May 9, 2011

Turning a bad day into a good one.

Today I woke up deflated. It felt as though nothing would go right. There is a list of things that made me uber depressed this morning, but I can honestly say now I am feeling better. Why you might ask? Because I think I have turned the corner. The old me would have said eff the diet, but the new me picked myself off the floor, hopped on my trusty wii fit then ate a yummy and healthy breakfast. (Special K Oats and Honey with fresh strawberries. 204 calories and 6g fiber! That was even with 2% milk.)

That bad mood suddenly is gone, replaced by an excitement and desire for my new life. The old me would have eaten whatever I wanted, thinking it was going to make me feel better. But in turn all it really would do is throw me into a spiral of utter guilt. Now I feel wonderful and guilt free. Yay me.


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  1. Way to go TB!! I know you can do it!! Keep up the awesome work! Can't wait to see you and BB!!