Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fat's ass just got kicked

That's right kids, there are five, count them FIVE less pounds on my body as of this morning bringing my grand total to 11. Please, please, keep your applause down. I stepped on the scale today and wasn't expecting much. When my stupid scale finally registered my weight (after about six attempts, piece of crap) I couldn't believe it!

I walked out of the bedroom dragging my jaw on the floor. O.M.G., right? Right.

I've been talking about my new {program} for about a month now and I'm really starting to see the results! The program is called TAIslim and it is incredible. I've already lost a few inches, so much in fact I've had to throw away two pairs of pants. O.M.G., right? Right.

So now I have three choices - walk around with out pants (a viable option in the summer but hard to explain, especially at City Council), buy new pants (hard to do with no money) or transform a pair of fat pants that still currently fit into capri pants. And number three is our WINNER!

In my closet there are two pairs of jeans and two pairs of corduroy pants. I took one pair of each, hacked off about 10 inches (I'm short along with being fat, what can I say) and then used my mad sewing skills to produce two new pairs of cute capri pants (see not so flattering picture below).

Please excuse the weird wet spot on the front of my pants, the damn sprinkler got me.
I'm never going back to my fat clothes, EVER. Ever. Ever. So what's the point of keeping them around, clogging up my closet. My fat clothes will soon become the ugly white trash neighbors that live near you who don't keep their yard up and bring the whole neighborhood down. My skinny clothes will deserve a beautiful place to live. Burn down the trailer park, the white trash fat clothes have to go.

We're going to be having a TAIslim open house in the end of July. If you are even slightly interested in finding out more about this product, please plan to attend. This product will change your life if you follow it (and its painfully easy), you will feel better and feel better. O.M.G., right? Right.

Oh, and keep my dear sister Tonya in your prayers. She's struggling a little right now and could use the good vibes!

Love you all! Please don't stop now, we're making so much progress! Don't let fat get the better of you! Fat's ass needs to be kicked and our faithful readers are just the people to do it! Kisses!!


  1. I love you so much. You are hilarious and good job for kicking fats ass. You are awesome

  2. Woot! Woot! Way to go cute lady :)