Friday, July 15, 2011

Gettin' skinny on vacation

Vacation - just the word send shivers up my spine and brings longing to my heart. Whether its a quick weekend trip some place close or a three week journey around the world, its the chance to relax, recharge and have some fun. Unfortunetly it can be a diet killer though.

There is a completely different set of rules when we're off having fun. New restaurants to try, new dishes to sample and lets not forget trying the regional cuisine. Food can be an amazing part of a vacation and its certainly something my family takes very seriously. In fact, when we went to Florida about 11 years ago, the first thing we did when we set foot in Epcot Center was to haul ass to Italy to eat Italian food. True story. In fact, we basically ate our way around Epcot, sampling the treats in EVERY country. French pastries, English fish and chips, Mexican nachoes, American funnel cakes, Chinese fried rice.....are we seeing a pattern here?

I'm traveling back to Denver and I'm so excited to hit some of my favorite food haunts and try out some new ones. Already this trip I've had delicious pizza from Beau Jo's in Idaho Springs and Thai food from this hole in the wall place with my good friend Damon.

Mountain High pizza from Beau Jo's. Two thumbs up indeed.

Believe it or not there is a way to have a fab vacay and enjoy delicious food and still stay on track. There is no vacation from kicking fat's ass and we must continue to persevere, even while away from home.

As you well know, I've been on my {TAIslim program} for about a month now and feel fab. This stuff is amazing and it has already changed my life. And its so easy that I can take it with me and its not a huge deal. The answer to staying skinny on vacation is:


O.M.G., right? Right. These little beauties are smaller than a cell phone and hold a two ounce serving. I have a couple of them stashed in my purse and break them out when I sit down at a restaurant. I've already used them and they work great.

Although that pizza looks super fattening, when you're only eating one piece, its not going to kill you. After I drank my TAIslim2go, I got a big salad from salad bar (see picture for proof of its existence) so by the time the pizza came, I was feeling full (thank you TAIslim) and only had one piece. It was the perfect lunch - I had pizza and a salad from one of my favorite places in the world and left there feeling satisfied and good. Win, win, people.

I found some other great tips off its Facebook page for staying on your program while on vacation.

  1. Bring along healthy snacks such as unsalted nuts, popcorn, and dried fruit. In the car? Pack a cooler with fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, sugar-free pudding cups, sandwiches with lean meats, unsweetened tea, and plenty of water. Skip calorie-heavy flavored coffees and soda.
    (I LOVE this idea and did this on the drive over. We munched on low-fat string cheese, red pears and water. Not only was it good for us, but also way cheaper than gas station snacks.)

    TAIslimmer Tip: Pack milk, ice, and whatever you use in your SHAKEs in a cooler, along with a bag of SHAKEs and blender bottle. If there’s no cooler, pick up what you need for your SHAKEs at the market. Keep SKINNYs™ handy.
  2. Follow your meal plan at least 90 percent of the time. Select healthy food choices; plan ahead by downloading menus of restaurants along your route and destination(s). Look for restaurants, such as Chili’s, Olive Garden, and P.F. Chang’s, that feature healthy items.
    (Just remember to have fun and enjoy your culinary vacation. Food should be fun and can create memories.)

    TAIslimmer Tip: TAIslim 2go™ makes bringing along TAIslim liquid convenient and hassle-free. Single-serving bottles easily fit in your pocket, purse, laptop bag, cooler or car console.
  3. Continue to exercise. Walk before and after meetings; strive for at least 30 minutes daily. Visit the hotel fitness center and/or pool or get a guest pass to a nearby gym. Bring along dumbbells or exercise ball for in-room sessions or go for a run.
    (Even if you're not hitting the hotel weight room, you're probably still exercising by walking around attractions. Wear your pedometer and try to get your 10,000 steps. You might be surprised how much walking you do on vacation. Swimming in the pool, even just messing around with your kids is also great.)

  4. Get adequate sleep. Try to get a solid 7-8 hours per night. When your body is well rested, you have the renewed energy for optimum functionality. Sleep affects your metabolism, so obtaining adequate, restful sleep is a very important aspect to weight loss.

    TAIslimmer Tip: Don’t skimp on sleep. Short-changing your body of rest can negatively impact your weight loss progress.
How do you stay on track while having fun on vacation? I will keep you posted on my fun trip! Loves to you all! Keep up the good work fighting the fat!

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