Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I have let my dear sister carry this blog for the last 2 months. Not that anyone is complaining much because she is one funny biotch, but this blog is called Chubby Girls not One Chubby Girl. So I am going to make a bigger effort at updating much more often. I do have wonderful excuses why I haven't updated this blog, a vacation to Disneyland with my bff who has ugly cancer, traveling to Michigan for an AMAZING wedding shoot and moving back to UTAH!!! We are finally settled into out new, teeny tiny apartment and now I can focus on weight loss and this blog.

I haven't done as well with weight loss as my sister has in the past two months. We have started a new wonderful {PROGRAM} but Brenda has been so much more diligent than I have about it. I have lost about 5 lbs and 1 inch. Which is still great, but not as good as my favorite sister. She as been so diligent and has done great. I love my sister so much and I am so proud of her for being able to throw away some of her fat pants! Well done sister!!!! xoxo

The next time I blog it will be with better news...like I had to go shopping because my pants don't fit anymore!


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