Saturday, April 9, 2011 this thing on?

Hey. Tonya here. I know it is a shock to hear from me after so long. My sweet and oh so talented sister has been picking up the slack for me lately, but now it is going to stop! I need to post here or I will never lose weight.
If you have been reading us from the beginning you will know that I started at 250 lbs. I am down to 242 right now. Every pound in the negative direction is great, but 8 lbs in 11 months? Give me a break. I have just been lazy and have NOT been updating this blog enough. That stops now. We have some amazing plans for this blog, including all new recipes and killer guests posts! We are both also going to be updating more about how we are doing at the gym and in our diet.
Please help us by leaving us comments. Also, if you have a weight loss blog we would love to read it! We are also always looking for good new recipes to try out. The hardest part of losing weight for me is eating right. I just love food, and if I can find food that is delish and healthy that would be a bonus!
Alex and I are going to make a super healthy dinner tonight and I will take some pics to share! Now I am off to do Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I will not be able to walk tomorrow!


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  1. Jillian hates my thighs. It's like all personal when she makes me do jumping jacks "I can get 500 lb people doing full jumping jacks and so can you." Grrrr...