Tuesday, May 25, 2010

First post

Welcome to our very first post on the new blog. Tonya and I are two chubby girls - a little by choice a little by a crappy draw in the gene pool. None the less, over the last few years, the chub has taken over and we're not going to take it anymore. The chub has to go and you are witnessing history. Our beloved father, Bobaloo has decided to invest in our health and donated money to our weight loss. I am using mine for a trainer at the Park Center and Tonya is using her's to pay for a gym membership at the Roswell Racket Club and Spa.

You may be asking yourself, what should we expect from this fabulous offering? Well, more than you can probably handle but try to stay with us here. We're documenting our battle against the chub - the good days and especially the bad. We will be sharing recipes and other tips we find. It's going to be pretty great.

We both weighed in today and the numbers are grim - 250 for Tonya and 357 for Brenda. Yikes, huh?

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