Friday, May 28, 2010


I am very proud to report that I am down two pounds! My current weight is 355 (349.8 to be exact). Hard to believe since I've been so damn sore I could hardly move. Yay me!

I saw this poster the other night when I went to get a massage and it was very interesting. I knew massage was good for your body (and soul) but that it could help lose weight? I must remember that this was at Massage Envy so of course they want you to know about it, but could it be true? I will have to do more research. Regardless, a monthly massage is heaven and just what I need to de-stress and feel better.


  1. Brenda!!! I am so proud of you! Keep going especially exercise you will find that even if you have a crappy eat day you will still feel better about yourself after doing it. When I was at the gym I always used to tell myself that I earned more credit than the skinny bitches because I was the fat girl trying to run on the tread mill. Find a hot guy to watch and it will be even more worth while. I can tell you from personal experience when I ran/walked my first 5k a couple yrs ago it was the best feeling i have had in a long time and yes you will still want to die when you finish but I know you can do it!! I will be joining you in the diet world here in a month or 2 aftere the baby comes. Little secret buy your fav choc chips and only eat about 5 there are hardly any calories and they will get you through serious cravings :) Call me I want to do lunch

  2. Thanks Natalee! That's good advice! I would love to do lunch, when is your baby due?