Friday, March 4, 2011

Guidlines for kid-size portions

As an adult, figuring out portion size is tricky, but for those of us with kids at home, what about their portion sizes? I'd never really thought about it much until I came across a great article about what children need at different ages. In our quest to make healthy lifestyle changes, it seems like a natural step to instill those same ideals into our kids, right? Right. Brenda is so smart.

They have a great form you can print off and then check off the foods your kids eat through out the day. A friend of mine used to do this for herself and she was very successful at losing weight. James and I are going to try it for the Midge. 

Here is the {link} to the article. Tell me what you think!

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  1. Hi Brenda! I'm friends with Tonya and saw this site linked to her FB page (or!) and was taking a look. Love the printable portion size checklists for kids. Thanks for sharing! :)