Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Goals are good I think. I have one and I am confident I will succeed. My adorable family is going to Denver this summer and we are spending a whole day at the best water park on this earth, Water World. Never been? O.M.G., its so fab! We used to go all the time when we lived in Denver.

While I'm looking forward to going and spending the day, I also got a little nervous. I'm chubby and swim suits are icky, right? I decided I had to try to drop a little weight or Water World was going to suck.

I'm happy to report that I am down nine pounds already in two weeks. Hurray! I'm feeling pretty good, despite not being able to exercise much (stupid messed up back and hurting foot). My diet has gotten heaps better though and I really think that's made all the difference. I went to Sunflower Market today and spent $30 on fruit and veggies. It felt good.

I've been talking to PA almost daily (I love that girl!) and she's provided a ton of support for me. She's lost 86 pounds so far! Holy hotness Batman! I'm so darn proud of her I could cry. She's so great. We've been talking a lot about why losing weight is so hard. She's adjusted her diet and been exercising like a mad woman. And its been paying off.

We were talking last night about why we eat the way we do. For me, it's a mental thing. Being programed for the last 35 years to cook a certain way and eat a certain way. It's been hellish trying to change that. Like tonight, James had school and Bridget and I usually eat breakfast on Wednesday nights. No big right? Tonight I made lemon poppy seed pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. While I did good on two small pancakes, I still had a ton of sugar on the strawberries and too much cream.

In some ways I think I'm doing really good. In others, sucking it up. I guess making a life change can't be done in a single day, but sometimes it gets so depressing.

Any who, I'm down nearly 10 pounds and I'm loving it. Tomorrow I'm going to the gym and hopefully my back and foot will not protest. Keep kicking ass people, we're slowly conquering the fat!


  1. That's awesome! Way to go!

  2. You are so awesome and keeping it real!!I am conquering the fat with you!! We WILL prevail!! Love ya girl!!