Saturday, March 5, 2011

S A T U R D A Y, night!

I don't know why I have that song from the Bay City Rollers in my mind, but there you go (see below). It's the weekend, we made it people! Time to get crap done, relax and prepare for the next week. My life is crazy and because I work from home, most days are like Saturday's for me. Especially since James has been home. When I was working though, it was always a hard day for me food wise.

No time clock to punch, no schedule, the fridge with in reach? See a pattern here? This is my first weekend since I got back on the wagon last week. Add to that my lovely sister Tonya (who has been noticeably absent on here lately) is coming to visit. I'm so excited I could almost pee myself. I won't, but I could.

How do you manage food on days off? It's a great question, right? Keeping busy is always a good idea. I've been thinking lately of being more precise with my meal planning. How do you keep control of your diet during the weekend?

Crank up the speakers and enjoy this classic clip from the Mike Meyers classic, "So I Married an Axe Murdered". Heed...pants...NOW!


  1. On saturdays I like to take an inventory of everything that I have in my pantry and refrigerator.. make a basic food/recipe plan for the week from there, and then buy any extra ingredients I need that day too.
    Sometimes, if I'm feeling EXTRA awesome, I like to make healthy, freezer-friendly meals. I like to portion them out, so I only have one portion available to me. Then I indicated what each is, and when I made it on the lid.
    That way, when I'm feeling lazy during the week, and I want something right then, I just pop it into the microwave.. My favorites are alfredo broccoli with whole wheat pasta, veggie soups- the minestrone on Two Peas and Their Pod is AMAZING!!
    I also like to use this time to portion out my snacks for the week. Like crunchy veggies, pretzels, trail mix and other deliciousness into snack snized ziplock bags. I'll make a batch of hummus and put it into small tupperware, and use that to dip my veggies and stuff into.
    I use saturdays as a total food planning day.

  2. Thank you for that clip, it made me smile! I have never seen that movie, I know BB , what is wrong with are right,though 100% without structure, it is hard you can eat what you want when you want it. Thanks Erica for your idea, I think that I am going to try that this week. Use my saturday (which is wednesday) to prepare my week and see how it goes. Thanks ladies for your ideas! Keep it going!!!