Thursday, June 9, 2011


Some days I can be such a complete dumb ass. I told you yesterday how I didn't eat very well and paid for it. I felt like crap all day and by the time I got done with the dishes, I was tired and in bed by 9 p.m. I am proud to say though that even though I stumbled yesterday, I didn't let it derail my day and had a really great dinner.

Mexican marinated flank steak with a shrimp and avacado salad in a piece of butter lettuce instead of a tortilla. Can you say yum? I will post the pictures tomorrow for your to try this weekend!

But back to me being stupid. I was talking to PA yesterday about how good I had been feeling this week and how that all went away yesterday when I had an epiphany (stay with me here, I know you've heard that before, but trust me, its worth it). After 30+ years of battling the fat, I finally came to a starteling realization -

Eat bad, feel bad. Eat good, feel good.

When I told PA this she started laughing and said she was glad I finally figured it out. What the hell, right? Its such a simple concept - eating good food gives you good, sustained energy and helps you do what you need to do. Fill your day with sugar, fat, processed foods, and anything else bad for you, you don't have the energy to sustain a healthy lifestyle. O.M.G., its been right there this whole time.

So for you my friends, I am sharing my epiphany and maybe it will help you to come to your own conclusions and stick with battling the fat. Deciding to live a healthier lifestyle is a very personal decision and no one can make it for you. I'm a prime example of that. But now that I've started down that path, I'll never go back to eating the way I used to.

Tonya will be heading home from Michigan tomorrow after her lovely collaboration project with some wedding vendors back there. I've seen a few of the pictures and I am dying they are so great! I know she can't wait to share them and I can't wait for her to get home so she can start pulling her weight around here (there's a lot of weight to be pulling, he he he.)

Our new website will be up and running next week and we're both so darn excited about that! I will have more info next week, so stick around. Also, I have a big, huge, jumbo sized announcement to make that gives me pee shivers every time I think about it - TONYA IS MOVING BACK TO SALT LAKE!!!!

I'm so happy right now, seriously. She'll be here at the end of the month and the whole family is super excited!

I want to throw a special shout out to our good friend Karen Byrne and thank her for her kind comments on Facebook about my fail yesterday. Here's what she said:

You have to have fail days occasionally in order to appreciate how you feel on the wagon. Give yourself a 20% margin of error. That way you can establish a forgiveness system and you are less likely to fail. And actually forgive yourself or... you will start the hate cycle all over again/ I failed at breakfast whats the point of trying for lunch nonsense that really gets you into trouble. You can do it. you are amazing. DO not give up!

Thanks for the comments cute lady, you are very appreciated! This is good to remember, especially on those days when you can convince yourself that Ben and Jerry's ice cream covers all the required food groups.

Keep kicking fat's ass people! Kisses!

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