Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meal replacement shakes - yay or nay?

If its a fad diet and costly, I've tried them all. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Adkins, Myoplex shakes, SlimFast...the list goes on and on. Why keep trying them? The never ending hope that one of them will work, one of them will help me get skinny. One of them will save my life. It sounds a bit dramatic but in reality its not. I'm not healthy, not even close. My blood pressure is high, I'm pre-diabetic and I'm just fat, which is hard on the joints. The only thing I have going for me (besides me good looks) is my cholesterol is freakishly low (thank you Ballou genes).

Today while I was avoiding work and stalking Facebook I ran across an article posted by iHerb. It's an online health supplement store and its Facebook feed has lots of interesting tips and recipes. It had an {article} about meal replacements (shakes and stuff) and talked about did they really work. And the short answer is: yes.

This is a great article, especially if you're weighing the pro's and con's of using meal replacements. It talks about how they work and why, the studies to support the findings and also points out that meal replacements alone aren't the magic solution. But paired with a sensible diet and exercise, they can help fight the fat.

And now, what you've all been waiting for, my oppinion on the whole subject (I know you all too well). I haven't always been a fan of these but lately, I've started to think they might be just another part of this tricky process. They are by no means a way to live solely, but as part of a plan, why not?

Over the past two weeks I've been talking about my {new program}. So far none of you have asked me about it, which surprises me. Either you're just checking out the website or no one is actually reading this. GASP! It has to be the first, right? Of course!

This program uses meal replacement shakes and I've learned how to incorporate them into my diet and not turn into a starving, half crazed bitch (well, most days). A little one percent milk, half a banana, two tablespoons of almond butter and the chocolate drink makes a lovely breakfast. This morning I'm enjoying a vanilla shake with 2/3 cup of frozen blackberries. The frozen fruit gives it a nice texture and who can argue with the benefits of fresh fruit? No one I tell you.

Since I started this program, I've lost about four pounds but more importantly - inches. Being the moron I am, I didn't measure myself before I started but I know over the last two weeks, I've lost at least an inch or more. My fat pants aren't quite as comfortable anymore and not for the usual reason. They slide down my butt, un-tucking my garments in the process. They look baggy and not at all attractive. On a whim, I decided to try on some old pants I've been holding onto that I haven't been able to wear for six or more years. A long time, right?

They still didn't fit, but another inch or two off and they will fit like a glove. Like a glove. I love gloves and can't wait for that to happen!!! Then the realization hit - O.M.G., this program is actually working. I thought this would never happen. But it has and I'm so excited!

I leave for vacation in a few weeks and I'm determined to be wearing these pants when I am there. For the first time in...forever, I actually think it will happen. Man, today is a good day, despite Bridget throwing up in the pool at swimming lessons. Epic fail on that one.


  1. I am so proud of you! Alex has lost over 5 inches using our new program! I have lost 2 lbs and 2 inches. Yay!!!

  2. Good for Ya'all keep it up!!

  3. Great job! A lot of people ask me about meal replacement programs and I tell them this: If you're going to do it, you have to do it ALL THE WAY. Meal replacement shakes are just that- a replacement for a meal, and they can contain a lot of calories. This isn't an issue unless you can't say no to other foods. You can't drink a meal replacement shake and then 3 hours later have a huge snack because you're starving. Personally, drinks only work for me in the morning, but even then, by 11:30 I am really hungry. If it's working for you, that is fabulous!!! Keep up the good work!

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