Thursday, June 10, 2010

Do I have to go to the gym today?!?!

I am really sore.  Really.  My good friend Whitni and I have decided to go to some of the classes at our gym and I am feeling it today!  On Tuesday we went to Body Sculpting and last night we went to a Pilates & Stretching class. I think I will just run today at the gym.
Even though I am really sore I am feeling better than ever.  My clothes are not fitting any looser yet (bummer) but I think I may have lost a little in my face.  Which makes sense because that is always the first place I lose it.

I have decided not to weigh in every day but only once or twice a week.



  1. For right now for me, I'm choosing to weigh in once a week. It's kind of depressing for me not to see much change. I'm proud of you for sticking with it!

  2. If you still go to the gym even when you are sore it works out the sore and makes you feel MUCH better! I have been going to the gym and a trainer for 6 months now. Wanna know how much I lost TONYA; 0 lbs. I HATE it but oh well I go with my sister and we have SO much fun together! I love my sister as much as you love Brenda. GOOD JOB! I'm SO proud of both of you for doing an amazing job of being YOU! Love and miss ya Kristin Dye